UH-FA03 is a foldable, portable and rechargeable LED UV disinfection light; it emits UV-C light which kills viruses and bacteria in seconds, by breaking their DNA/RNA, clean and clear.


It uses a replaceable lithium battery via its plug-and-play connector; it comes with a child-safety lock and a gravity sensor, for the very best protection.

Finish Color: White
  • Way of Disinfection

    UV-C, 270-280nm, ozone free

    Disinfection Distance

    1-3cm from target

    Disinfection Duration



    1500mAh / 3.7V (lithium, 18650)


    via USB (5V)

    Battery Replacement

    Replaceable via built-in plug-and-play connectors

    Gravity Sensor

    Turn off the light automatically when the UV light is turning upward

    Child Safety Lock


    Folding Size


    Net Weight



    The closer the UV light is to the target, the higher energy there would be on the target, for better disinfection


    * Warning

    1, DO NOT look into or make someone look into the UV Wand light in operation
    2, DO NOT cast the light to any human beings, animals or plants
    3, DO NOT expose your skin to the light from the UV Wand or reflected by other surfaces or objects
    4, Glasses to your eyes and covers to your skin are recommended when use the UV Wand